New 2023 white waterproof PEVA shower curtain Liner 5G 8G 10G

Jan 11th, 2023

We recommend 2023 new pure white PEVA shower curtain to you.

PEVA shower curtain is a very attractive shower curtain liner.


Ultra smooth speciality design created to roll off water and to promote water bead formation so water swiftly rolls off the surface, keeping your bathroom dry and clean. 

With 3 timeless color options to choose from, use it as a stand-alone curtain for a bright & airy atmosphere, or pair it with your favorite fabric shower curtain.


Made with 100% high quality and eco-friendly PEVA material. 

Free of PVC & chlorine, which means no unpleasant plastic smell or unpleasant chemical fumes. 

Containing significantly less volatile organic compounds than PVC liners.

We offer plastic bags, cardboard and other packaging for your choice.

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