• What is your lead time?

    Normally we need 60~70days from customer confirmed the official order to us or we get the 30% deposit payment. But this is depend on the fabrics’ quality, special fabrics will need about 80days for lead time. For repeat order, we only need 50~60day.

  • How do you manage your supply chain?

    •  Our advantage in supply chain is our tight network of factories.

    •  We have 100% owned cut & sew factory, also have partner mills including Spinning & Weaving, Printing & Dyeing。

    • We purchase greige and arrange printing and dyeing independently, to ensure consistent quality, efficient cost and lead time.

    •  We are fully integrated from R&D until delivery.  

  • Are your designs proprietary ? Where is your design team located ?

    • We have VP Sales located on United States supplying market intelligence. Worked with our experienced design team to quickly response customer’s requirements, and be able to establish our own product lines.

    We have a strong and experienced sales  team that responsible for specific customers and products.

  • What 3rd party lab testing and inspections do you require in your productions process?

    We arrange the test with BV lab to ensure the quality of fabrics to meet customer’s requirment. 

    And we also could arrange 3rd inspection for the ready goods according to customer’s comments. 

  • How is your QA team?

    QA follow up on-site checking of weaving,  dying&printing,  cut & sew, packaging and final inspection during the whole production processes.

    QA give instruction and training to factories frequently after analysis of inspection reports to consistently improve factory quality system.

    QA hold self audit quarterly to provide support and guide Social Compliance and Factory Evaluation.